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Monday, February 15, 2010

In the presence of enemies

is an awesome song :P

but yeah I guess this signals a return in my blogging activity after being quite dead for a while. So without further ado UPDATES:

ok first of all the Graduation project course is going fine. but apparently I'm the only one enjoying it. I'm seeing allot of people that are thinking this would be a free ride, something that pisses the FUCK out of me. I mean, the professor and instructor teaching this course, are actually trying to develop us conceptually as artists to be able to create a body of work that would stand out in the modern art world. And some others are just not caring about this development and want to create art. I'm sorry but to me being an artist and creating art comes from a conscious state of mind of what art is and who the person is as an artist, and all they are worried about is class time being utilized to work on our artworks. FOR FUCK'S SAKE DID YOU REALLY THINK YOU WILL ONLY WORK ON YOUR GRADUATION PIECE IN CLASS WHAT IS THIS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. I mean for my project, creating a graphic novel, I intended to work really hard ALLOT outside of class. I need to if I want to create something with any resemblance to a respectable piece of work. The books I bought for Research too. To me research is imperative to create something substantial, to me that was more or less natural (or at least it became so of late). The graduation project in my belief is our first entry into the real world. So it would make sense that we'd create something worthy of that. not just another student piece. last year's graduation project exhibit had allot of CRAP in my opinion some pieces were nice but no where near something you'd see in an exhibit. lots of under developed pieces. To be Frank though there were a couple of pieces that were carefully constructed and had a deeper resonance within them. But still allot were unabridged CRAP, I might be overly critical but that is how I will judge my work too, which even if I Like it at first i would call it crap if i didn't put enough work into it.

With that rant out of the way, I good news update is in order. I met up with el shorouk publishing house, one of THE biggest publishers in Egypt. Talked to them about my project. And they are very excited about it. They are in the process of trying to get into comics. The guy I talked to thought I was really prepared and knew what I was talking about (which is great cause I felt so under prepared). So more or less I can say they green lighted the project, not that it would matter since I'm going to do it anyway, insha2 Allah (God willingly). But now he is ready as soon as I'm done I'll just walk in with the book and they'll start working on it. He even said they are not afraid to experiment. Plus he asked me to work on this other adaptation project, I can't divulge anymore about this but needless to say it was something that I wanted to do in the first place so it couldn't have come at a better time.

The thing that was interesting this morning was that the director of the townhouse gallery passed by our Grad project class, and gave a little talk about getting your art into a gallery and the importance of research in a piece of work (something that me glad I bought all these books). The thing that I enjoyed though was the fact that I told him that I do comics and it's perceived as something commercial putting that in a gallery space as an art piece would be challenging and he said that the art scene is ripe  for something of the sort in fact his own words were you couldn't have come at a better time. so I guess all the signs are in place the more I work on this the more I find things that guide me to the right direction so really I believe in the end I'll produce a piece of work that I could be proud of and would get somewhere. though one could only hope.

And in Other news The comics workshop is over. sad I know but then I am very proud of the body of work that came out of it, both mine and others I got to see what the current generation of writers and artists can do with a medium so versatile as comics with little time and even less resources. Needless to say it was awesome. I will be sharing the work produced after the produced publication is out so keep an eye out for later.

that's it for now I guess hopefully I'll maintain more communication soon

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