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Monday, May 31, 2010

High seas, low lives

So I woke up today and went to the living room turned on my ps3 and started playing god of war 3, kicked hades' ass saved the game turned the ps3 and decided I should go take a shower and head out since I have to finish my travel permits' papers so I have a long day ahead of me going to army bases and shit, anyway so I pick up my phone and decide to check twitter first to my dismay I find the #flotilla trending.

I open my laptop google flotilla and take my laptop in thetoilet while I take my morning shit I start reading what the fuck is going on. So a convoy (flotilla) of ships is heading from turkey to the gaza strip carrying pro palestinian activists and about 10,000 tonnes of aid including water purifiers, electric wheelchairs and food among othet things.

For those of you who don't know gaza is under siege by israel because they contain the headquarters of the resistance movement hamas. The seige is preventing anything from going to gaza which is fucking up the lives of the people in there. They even prevent them from getting cement to rebuild their homes which were destroyed by israelli attacks.

Now the flotilla is obviously peacful they are carrying a fucking white flag and they are headed to give the aid, israel told them the immortal gandalf phrase "you shall not pass" and yet they didn't give a fuck and proceeded to head to gaza. Over night last night the fucking IDF(israelli defense force) pissants decide to fucking board the ships and take control of them WHILE THE SHIPS ARE IN INTERNATIONAL WATERS.

And they have the audacity not just to commit such an act of open sea PIRACY but also to fucking attack the civillians on board who are not and armed btw and who have people like holocaust survivors and ex-politicians. And not just attack the civilians on board but also to fucking kill 10 of the people on board with only one excuse that they had knives and rods WTF fucking israelli IDF boarding the ships with assault rifles and machine guns and they're afraid of kinves from civilians, sure that makes allot of sense (ps SARCASM)

And not just that they call it the right to defend themselves, IN INTERfuckingNATIONAL waters IDF wanting to defend themselves agaist deadly stick wielding civilians on an AID SHIP wow no wonder the israelli army so strong and brave (sarcasm again)

This is a massacre and it's not like it is their first offense gazaians have been slaughtered for a while now, remember sabra and shatila, remember jerusalem now they have grown the balls to attack anything without caring they are attacking ships with a cosmopolitan populus on board openly killing them in international waters.

The irony here is uncanny since the ships are turkish and turkey is one of israel's main muslim allies in ther region, now an israelli attack on a turkish ship is probably the stupidest most braindead DICK move one can pull. Turkey is pulling out the israeli embassador which means no more political relations let alone being allies. Seriously stupidest actions could not have been done.

And israel is still proceeding with their piracy WTF the world is turning against them if you're on twitter trend #freedomflotilla let someone take action to save these international civilians and have them reach gaza with the aid. For once in your lives DO SOMETHING.

Warman out

Ugh blackberry battery ran out took me two hours to send this I blame israel
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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rant #1

Listening to take the power back by rage against the machine
Sitting in The starbucks in Tivoli dome, as an attempt to get my creatvie juices flowing and get some work done
I read more transmetropolitan and get this urge to write a hate rant, one of that is truly pissed, it's a good exercise really, JUST TO BE FUCKING PISSED AND SHOW IT.

anyway so across from me are 2 12 year olds, I swear they don't look a day older than 12, 14 tops a guy and a girl chilling at a starbuck, sure I don't mind people dating that young, maybe I'm just too bitter I started way late in the game, but dating this young just looks weird, especially in broad daylight, the did doesn't even look like he got his pubic hair yet, but I digress. that isn't really what is pissing me off.

it's the overall show of these two fucks, the dude is trying too hard to look like the posers I see in my university day in and day out, (of which my brother tends to run with to my dismay) the sockless shoe the shorts just the manner of dress and the way which he carries himself is just, I dunno, I can't put what it is in words but the fact that it is getting on my nerves trying to hard to be someone he isn't someone older, more mature even though maturity isn't really about mannerisms now is it.

ok the girl is dressed fine, for her age maybe, all 12 to 16 year olds these days are into that whole punk/post punk emorific look, and what saddens me is that they probably don't know the music that started the fashion, they listen to fucking lady Gaga and Akon or the bane of my existence (sans daft punk) HOUSE ugh...

then the scene of the two sitting together to me is out of place they just look too young for it, or maybe I have gotten too old, eh to be cynical at 22 means I'll be senile by 30 FUN.

The Cherry on top of the icing on that shit cake is that the kid is smoking, now smoking pisses me off, I have smoker friends and I don't mind them, my brother and my dad smoke and I don't really care, my ex girlfriend smoked, I believe journalists smoke as part of their job, and some of my characters are smokers, it's part of life and in egypt it's common, but a kid that young, to me it's still a social stigma, hell a smoker friend sitting next to me just commented "that kid must be fucking twelve and he's smoking" now this looks just wrong if not plain outrageous, the scene of a kid like that trying to dress and act like an adult, like someone he is not, let alone someone he might become in the future. it's outrageous but this is where the youth is headed, another reason why i want to get into teaching, I mean other than trying to feed the revolution to the kids when their brains are ripe for the picking, to try and stick a little fucking morality in the whole thing. you can't expect children acting like that to grow in world leaders or instigators of change, no scratch that in this country a kid acting like that probably comes from a family that is connected well enough to get him in a position which will cause him to do much harm.

it's us the dreamers that have to work hard enough to earn it, hard enough to pull the revolution through (ps when I say revolution I talk about my personal agenda my revolution will be in movies and comics, trying to spread them here, spread the good ones and through them have people aware of the fact that this world needs to be changed nay mutilated then reconstructed)

what is ironic in all that is when my friend wanted to smoke he borrowed a lighter from that kid, and no one else from the smokers in starbucks had a lighter but him.

warman out

Early morning dump

This blog is coming to you from the toilet.

because I need something to kill time while I finish my early morning bowel movement, I've had a measly four hours of sleep, wake up slightly cranky only to cheer up in seconds, I am the perpetually optimistic cheerful person, I am incapable of being cranky for long. THANK GOD FOR CYNICISM. yeah so still trying out the new blog every day to try and get my writing on, but I guess that's just me being affected by Spider Jerusalem, I started reading transmetropolitan and it's eating into my brain and also inspiriing my to do more comics which is not a bad thing.

so yeah more writing so I can enhance my writing, though blogging isn't really writing, I mean I'm not doing any journalism, I'm just jotting down thoughts, I'm defintely not doing story telling either. and I AM AN EDITOR'S NIGHTMARE, when it comes to punctuation, I don't give a rat's ass what goes where. and frankly does it really matter to you while reading ? punctuation on the internet is over rated. I'd rather have just one run on sentence and end it with a fucking exclamation mark! so why is punctuation that important anyway ???

God of War 3 is epic started on hard to try to prove something to myself, gave up after dying allot decided to go start over in medium since now I just care about the story more really, and I don't have that much time to play anyway (plus I'm using it as a preface to ff13 the game I REALLY WANT TO PLAY)

meanwhile business as usual, I'm being talked into tumblr which is sounding more and more appealing every day so i might give it a whirl sometime soon. till then ENJOY, oh and you can always know what the hell I'm doing through twitter, but now I have to get off the can...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Blogging for the hell of it

it seems like good practice to write up what ever the fuck runs through your brain every morning and just post it on the web, because that is what the internet is all about posting your shit there for everyone to see.

went to bed around 6 am and woke up now, spent the night reading transmetropolitan and epic graphic novel that I feel bad having not read it up till 2 days ago, it pushed me to work on my other comics, now with the shater hassan out of the way i just feel motivated to draw more and more, there's something about finishing a 40 page graphic novel in a month that just tingles in your balls and makes you don't want to stop, hell I'm in balls deep know why stop, especially when I'm getting better by the minute stopping would only mean deterioration of whatever skill I've built up, I am by no means a superior artist but I'm working too fucking hard and diligently to be that next great comicer. Bob Kane sucked when he created batman and so did schuster and simon(?) when they created superman, yet they didn't care they pushed for it and they got what they wanted, look at batman and superman now.

it's all about that burning passion within it is the drive you need to get somewhere, here in the backwoods of society deep within a country that should have had a rich history in comics yet the illiteracy rate (among other things) is holding us back, it needs more people to push the status quo I say. and here I am promising to do so and if any of you want to do the same tell and let's tear this fucker up.

great idea was told to me by a friend last night, join a newspaper and do strips for them that's how you get your name out there, great idea I've been working for two school newspapers for the past year and one of them I've been doing the same series since 2006 yes driving home is that old, so why the hell not move it to a realy newspaper, something like el masry el youm or el dostoor or el sherook, I would have a weekly series if not daily (hell I can handle daily over the summer and maybe beyond If I'm getting payed) get my name out there that way when the day comes and I walk in a publishing house with a manuscript of a another graphic novel they would grab it at once. that is if i dno't get work by then, I mean doing driving home got me constant freelance work from the history department which is epic cause all I do is a poster per semester and I get me some cash not a bad deal anyway if you know how to get in any of these newspapers try and reach me.

Friday, May 28, 2010


ok so a while back I posted pencils of page 2 of cherry apocalypse well then here it is complete


I'm really happy with the results on this one

Ask me anything

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ask me anything yes yes I'm doing this now

Ask me anything

Saturday, May 22, 2010


ok this might be a little late, but the comic was completed last sunday and previewed at the gallery opening my dear friend ahmed shaltout is working on a cover for it other than the one I did, and then that PDF would go to print at a real printing shop that would get me 500 copies of what it would be when published (indie publishing)

Ed I'll be sending you a copy to pimp around publishers in the us (vertigo and the like if you can) bear in mind it would be in color, I have done it in bw now to reduce printing cost but on publishing I want to do it in color if you want samples of my colored work ask me about it.

Naje you still need to see a copy of it.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bad Betengan

Here's a nice diversion to watch, Ahmed Safi an Epic comedian in his musical debut bad betengan


Sunday, May 9, 2010

The last days

Ok so here are the chronicling of the last days

As the deadline to print comes close I realize how fickle time can be it wastes away and disapears into the nothingness with other deadlines closer I really don't want to d anything else but ink nonstop till tom night but it doesn't seem like that is going to happen
I have to write a 2000 word paper about shinto relegion and work on some english I just hope the printers are flexible with that deadline either way I'm hauling ass isA

Editing the story has been a success though my editors/proof readers did a great job editing I had a major problem with my ending bu thanks to mojadidi and ahmed naje that got fixed real good

Naje also did an awsome job fixing the arabic version now it actually sounds like a proper literary piece with good language my brain got lost while writing it bilingually really also great many thanks to azoul for pimping the book out on twitter and same gs to rams and ali nasser
Also adham el khorazaty, the rougster and mohamed samir for their work in reading the early versions and everyone else for cheering me on
Francesc ruiz had great input to it too and I'm just ecstatic about the whole thing.
Just one last push and this baby will come out and breathe life isA everything will be fine but for now the water just broke and I'm enduring the last 2 days of contractions but at least it's crowning
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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Progress Report

ok Here's the skinny on what's going on, 40 pages pencilled looking allot better than I thought they would be, Script written out in word document and sent over to editors, (both arabic and english) awaiting editors results isA they won't butcher it much I should start seeing stuff by tonight.
till then I will be inking, postponed the printers deadline to monday gonna try and pull an all nighter all day all nighter from tonight till monday isA it will only mean i'll recieve the books thursday night which will be fine since I'm installing on a daily basis so it won't be much of a problem come installation next thursday.

isA inking won't be that much of a time consumer, I'm prolly skipping school tom all over, since I lost allot of time over the weekend socializing, meeting the editors and going to an open mic night with the hopes of performing (which never fell through but still had a great time)

anyway now I'm meeting one of the proffessors of my grad project course to dicuss the book and afterwards meeting the great Francesc Ruiz also to talk about it, get some pointers from a proffessional artist doing neaqrly exactly what I'm doing atm, Putting comics in an art gallery, his work is awesome you should google him or something. he's a great guy very nice and called my work "very special" so I'm enthused atm hopefully this one comes out great (I'm skeptic about the whole B/W thing my strength lies in colour) either way the story is shaping up nicely I hope the editors point out enough plot holes for me to fix in time before I go do the lettering on monday isA.

anyway we're trying to trend it on twitter so people would know about it more so if you are a fan of the tweets try and trend #elshaterhassan and publicize my comic, release date which is may 16th 7:30 at the AUC sharjah gallery new cairo.

aight Warman out