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Sunday, May 9, 2010

The last days

Ok so here are the chronicling of the last days

As the deadline to print comes close I realize how fickle time can be it wastes away and disapears into the nothingness with other deadlines closer I really don't want to d anything else but ink nonstop till tom night but it doesn't seem like that is going to happen
I have to write a 2000 word paper about shinto relegion and work on some english I just hope the printers are flexible with that deadline either way I'm hauling ass isA

Editing the story has been a success though my editors/proof readers did a great job editing I had a major problem with my ending bu thanks to mojadidi and ahmed naje that got fixed real good

Naje also did an awsome job fixing the arabic version now it actually sounds like a proper literary piece with good language my brain got lost while writing it bilingually really also great many thanks to azoul for pimping the book out on twitter and same gs to rams and ali nasser
Also adham el khorazaty, the rougster and mohamed samir for their work in reading the early versions and everyone else for cheering me on
Francesc ruiz had great input to it too and I'm just ecstatic about the whole thing.
Just one last push and this baby will come out and breathe life isA everything will be fine but for now the water just broke and I'm enduring the last 2 days of contractions but at least it's crowning
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