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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Progress Report

ok Here's the skinny on what's going on, 40 pages pencilled looking allot better than I thought they would be, Script written out in word document and sent over to editors, (both arabic and english) awaiting editors results isA they won't butcher it much I should start seeing stuff by tonight.
till then I will be inking, postponed the printers deadline to monday gonna try and pull an all nighter all day all nighter from tonight till monday isA it will only mean i'll recieve the books thursday night which will be fine since I'm installing on a daily basis so it won't be much of a problem come installation next thursday.

isA inking won't be that much of a time consumer, I'm prolly skipping school tom all over, since I lost allot of time over the weekend socializing, meeting the editors and going to an open mic night with the hopes of performing (which never fell through but still had a great time)

anyway now I'm meeting one of the proffessors of my grad project course to dicuss the book and afterwards meeting the great Francesc Ruiz also to talk about it, get some pointers from a proffessional artist doing neaqrly exactly what I'm doing atm, Putting comics in an art gallery, his work is awesome you should google him or something. he's a great guy very nice and called my work "very special" so I'm enthused atm hopefully this one comes out great (I'm skeptic about the whole B/W thing my strength lies in colour) either way the story is shaping up nicely I hope the editors point out enough plot holes for me to fix in time before I go do the lettering on monday isA.

anyway we're trying to trend it on twitter so people would know about it more so if you are a fan of the tweets try and trend #elshaterhassan and publicize my comic, release date which is may 16th 7:30 at the AUC sharjah gallery new cairo.

aight Warman out

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