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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rant #1

Listening to take the power back by rage against the machine
Sitting in The starbucks in Tivoli dome, as an attempt to get my creatvie juices flowing and get some work done
I read more transmetropolitan and get this urge to write a hate rant, one of that is truly pissed, it's a good exercise really, JUST TO BE FUCKING PISSED AND SHOW IT.

anyway so across from me are 2 12 year olds, I swear they don't look a day older than 12, 14 tops a guy and a girl chilling at a starbuck, sure I don't mind people dating that young, maybe I'm just too bitter I started way late in the game, but dating this young just looks weird, especially in broad daylight, the did doesn't even look like he got his pubic hair yet, but I digress. that isn't really what is pissing me off.

it's the overall show of these two fucks, the dude is trying too hard to look like the posers I see in my university day in and day out, (of which my brother tends to run with to my dismay) the sockless shoe the shorts just the manner of dress and the way which he carries himself is just, I dunno, I can't put what it is in words but the fact that it is getting on my nerves trying to hard to be someone he isn't someone older, more mature even though maturity isn't really about mannerisms now is it.

ok the girl is dressed fine, for her age maybe, all 12 to 16 year olds these days are into that whole punk/post punk emorific look, and what saddens me is that they probably don't know the music that started the fashion, they listen to fucking lady Gaga and Akon or the bane of my existence (sans daft punk) HOUSE ugh...

then the scene of the two sitting together to me is out of place they just look too young for it, or maybe I have gotten too old, eh to be cynical at 22 means I'll be senile by 30 FUN.

The Cherry on top of the icing on that shit cake is that the kid is smoking, now smoking pisses me off, I have smoker friends and I don't mind them, my brother and my dad smoke and I don't really care, my ex girlfriend smoked, I believe journalists smoke as part of their job, and some of my characters are smokers, it's part of life and in egypt it's common, but a kid that young, to me it's still a social stigma, hell a smoker friend sitting next to me just commented "that kid must be fucking twelve and he's smoking" now this looks just wrong if not plain outrageous, the scene of a kid like that trying to dress and act like an adult, like someone he is not, let alone someone he might become in the future. it's outrageous but this is where the youth is headed, another reason why i want to get into teaching, I mean other than trying to feed the revolution to the kids when their brains are ripe for the picking, to try and stick a little fucking morality in the whole thing. you can't expect children acting like that to grow in world leaders or instigators of change, no scratch that in this country a kid acting like that probably comes from a family that is connected well enough to get him in a position which will cause him to do much harm.

it's us the dreamers that have to work hard enough to earn it, hard enough to pull the revolution through (ps when I say revolution I talk about my personal agenda my revolution will be in movies and comics, trying to spread them here, spread the good ones and through them have people aware of the fact that this world needs to be changed nay mutilated then reconstructed)

what is ironic in all that is when my friend wanted to smoke he borrowed a lighter from that kid, and no one else from the smokers in starbucks had a lighter but him.

warman out

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