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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Early morning dump

This blog is coming to you from the toilet.

because I need something to kill time while I finish my early morning bowel movement, I've had a measly four hours of sleep, wake up slightly cranky only to cheer up in seconds, I am the perpetually optimistic cheerful person, I am incapable of being cranky for long. THANK GOD FOR CYNICISM. yeah so still trying out the new blog every day to try and get my writing on, but I guess that's just me being affected by Spider Jerusalem, I started reading transmetropolitan and it's eating into my brain and also inspiriing my to do more comics which is not a bad thing.

so yeah more writing so I can enhance my writing, though blogging isn't really writing, I mean I'm not doing any journalism, I'm just jotting down thoughts, I'm defintely not doing story telling either. and I AM AN EDITOR'S NIGHTMARE, when it comes to punctuation, I don't give a rat's ass what goes where. and frankly does it really matter to you while reading ? punctuation on the internet is over rated. I'd rather have just one run on sentence and end it with a fucking exclamation mark! so why is punctuation that important anyway ???

God of War 3 is epic started on hard to try to prove something to myself, gave up after dying allot decided to go start over in medium since now I just care about the story more really, and I don't have that much time to play anyway (plus I'm using it as a preface to ff13 the game I REALLY WANT TO PLAY)

meanwhile business as usual, I'm being talked into tumblr which is sounding more and more appealing every day so i might give it a whirl sometime soon. till then ENJOY, oh and you can always know what the hell I'm doing through twitter, but now I have to get off the can...

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