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Monday, May 31, 2010

High seas, low lives

So I woke up today and went to the living room turned on my ps3 and started playing god of war 3, kicked hades' ass saved the game turned the ps3 and decided I should go take a shower and head out since I have to finish my travel permits' papers so I have a long day ahead of me going to army bases and shit, anyway so I pick up my phone and decide to check twitter first to my dismay I find the #flotilla trending.

I open my laptop google flotilla and take my laptop in thetoilet while I take my morning shit I start reading what the fuck is going on. So a convoy (flotilla) of ships is heading from turkey to the gaza strip carrying pro palestinian activists and about 10,000 tonnes of aid including water purifiers, electric wheelchairs and food among othet things.

For those of you who don't know gaza is under siege by israel because they contain the headquarters of the resistance movement hamas. The seige is preventing anything from going to gaza which is fucking up the lives of the people in there. They even prevent them from getting cement to rebuild their homes which were destroyed by israelli attacks.

Now the flotilla is obviously peacful they are carrying a fucking white flag and they are headed to give the aid, israel told them the immortal gandalf phrase "you shall not pass" and yet they didn't give a fuck and proceeded to head to gaza. Over night last night the fucking IDF(israelli defense force) pissants decide to fucking board the ships and take control of them WHILE THE SHIPS ARE IN INTERNATIONAL WATERS.

And they have the audacity not just to commit such an act of open sea PIRACY but also to fucking attack the civillians on board who are not and armed btw and who have people like holocaust survivors and ex-politicians. And not just attack the civilians on board but also to fucking kill 10 of the people on board with only one excuse that they had knives and rods WTF fucking israelli IDF boarding the ships with assault rifles and machine guns and they're afraid of kinves from civilians, sure that makes allot of sense (ps SARCASM)

And not just that they call it the right to defend themselves, IN INTERfuckingNATIONAL waters IDF wanting to defend themselves agaist deadly stick wielding civilians on an AID SHIP wow no wonder the israelli army so strong and brave (sarcasm again)

This is a massacre and it's not like it is their first offense gazaians have been slaughtered for a while now, remember sabra and shatila, remember jerusalem now they have grown the balls to attack anything without caring they are attacking ships with a cosmopolitan populus on board openly killing them in international waters.

The irony here is uncanny since the ships are turkish and turkey is one of israel's main muslim allies in ther region, now an israelli attack on a turkish ship is probably the stupidest most braindead DICK move one can pull. Turkey is pulling out the israeli embassador which means no more political relations let alone being allies. Seriously stupidest actions could not have been done.

And israel is still proceeding with their piracy WTF the world is turning against them if you're on twitter trend #freedomflotilla let someone take action to save these international civilians and have them reach gaza with the aid. For once in your lives DO SOMETHING.

Warman out

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