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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Blogging for the hell of it

it seems like good practice to write up what ever the fuck runs through your brain every morning and just post it on the web, because that is what the internet is all about posting your shit there for everyone to see.

went to bed around 6 am and woke up now, spent the night reading transmetropolitan and epic graphic novel that I feel bad having not read it up till 2 days ago, it pushed me to work on my other comics, now with the shater hassan out of the way i just feel motivated to draw more and more, there's something about finishing a 40 page graphic novel in a month that just tingles in your balls and makes you don't want to stop, hell I'm in balls deep know why stop, especially when I'm getting better by the minute stopping would only mean deterioration of whatever skill I've built up, I am by no means a superior artist but I'm working too fucking hard and diligently to be that next great comicer. Bob Kane sucked when he created batman and so did schuster and simon(?) when they created superman, yet they didn't care they pushed for it and they got what they wanted, look at batman and superman now.

it's all about that burning passion within it is the drive you need to get somewhere, here in the backwoods of society deep within a country that should have had a rich history in comics yet the illiteracy rate (among other things) is holding us back, it needs more people to push the status quo I say. and here I am promising to do so and if any of you want to do the same tell and let's tear this fucker up.

great idea was told to me by a friend last night, join a newspaper and do strips for them that's how you get your name out there, great idea I've been working for two school newspapers for the past year and one of them I've been doing the same series since 2006 yes driving home is that old, so why the hell not move it to a realy newspaper, something like el masry el youm or el dostoor or el sherook, I would have a weekly series if not daily (hell I can handle daily over the summer and maybe beyond If I'm getting payed) get my name out there that way when the day comes and I walk in a publishing house with a manuscript of a another graphic novel they would grab it at once. that is if i dno't get work by then, I mean doing driving home got me constant freelance work from the history department which is epic cause all I do is a poster per semester and I get me some cash not a bad deal anyway if you know how to get in any of these newspapers try and reach me.

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