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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wisdom of the ages

you know, no matter how much one says it and no matter how cliched it might sound "enjoy the little things"

Life is a fleeting presence that we tend to take too seriously, sometimes that small event can just cheer you up to a massive degree.

The company of a friend, no matter how short it might be (even five minutes) can cause immense satisfaction and happiness. That pee after holding it in for 3 hours. That meal after being hungry for a while. Those two kilos you lost last week. Those pants that fit you again. That joke you remebered. That chocolate you were practically dreaming of and couldn't find in 5 supermarkets.

All these tiny moments should be highly cherished because they fill our existence (be it miserable or otherwse) with cheer, and that notion that everything will be allright.

Ps this has nothing to do with me watching zombieland again this morning but rather this feeling I got while sitting in a street restaurant (right now) while waiting for a dear friend and a good meal, and I felt this immense rush of satisfied happiness...
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