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Thursday, August 26, 2010

So I read Channel Zero and it got me thinking

This is a year of an election, not for the-now more than ever-useless union of what we call students back at university, but for the big dogs that run this shithole we call home. When the time will come we will have to choose one out of a group of under qualified overzealous “politicians” that think they can run it better than the dude who has been doing it for 30 years (and doing a crappy job at it).

I believe no one is fit to run this crazy-ass corrupt government, yet someone has to. I reserve the right to choose no one then because frankly it won’t matter, the ones running are either legacies or just people who think they can do better, great if you think you can do better, but can you really deliver? Fuck, I doubt it. Hell if there’s anyone who can actually do a good job of running this country, they would probably be corrupted with power as soon as they get into it.

You see the presidential seat in Egypt is like Frostmourne in Warcraft it is the artifact that corrupts the purest of souls with the most honorable and noble intentions. Not that I’m saying that those cocksuckers who can think they can run it have noble intentions or even slightly care. Power in this country is everything and with it one can get anything; money, fame, chicks you name it.

At this point I really don’t give a rabid baboon’s cock as who will win this election. I’m not the protesting type of person that runs down streets in torn shirts yelling down with the oppressors, you see the problem with us is not the leader, he has been there for far too long to be a problem anymore. The one coming after him wouldn’t be a problem either, and granted they will try their best to fuck up the status quo carefully placed by the previous one in the name of change. Hell, even change is changing no longer are we going to see the quarters with holes in them. And then what they’ll just sit their fat asses comfortably on top of that everlasting seat in that fortress in Heliopolis and just relish the power going mad.
Fuck, these elections aren’t even fair. With some parties illegalized so as not to run. What the fuck? Are you so afraid that some people have more pull with the public that they can steal the lights from you and in turn the precious throne? Since when were political parties illegal, for this to be a proper democracy everyone from the religious extremists to the communists, lenninist-marxists, anarchists, scientologists or even piss fuck masochistic dominators who think they should form a political party should have one and have the right to run for election that is the pure essence of democracy a dying label that is overused to the point that it’s becoming meaningless.

Blame the system? Well you were gonna say it at one point. What’s so wrong with the system? Hell if I know. I doubt there even is a system, I think our government is just the best example of how one can ad lib running a country. There is a system of input and output of cashflow into the arrays of pockets of officials. The best thing I love about our language is that the word for government officials is “responsibles”, laughable at best, I can’t hold my sniggers when I hear it. Responsible ? for what? Making themselves fatter? Richer? More obnoxious? I don’t know who the hell is the minister of whatever the fuck ministries there are, and frankly I don’t care. I don’t care what system you use be it a socialist system, capitalist system, FUCK IT use the metric system if you have to I just want this place to be better.

You see the biggest problem here is the people. No one is catering for their needs. People that are dying standing in line for bread, a staple in every local’s dining table (if not also the appetizer, main course and desert). People who have to endure being raped and dry humped on the bus everyday going to work. People who are bombarded with 750 million pounds worth of elephant semen covered horse shit that is broadcasted through the airwaves during the holiest of holy times. Brainwashed to the nth degree the people have reached a state of mental limbo and are scared shitless to make any move lest they miss the 200 year old unaging hottie in her crude attempts of imitating western entertainment and failing miserabley. I’m as much part of these people as anyone else. Hell one of these shows is playing on TV this very instant and I can’t help but enjoy it to my dismay. Hell I stopped typing for a bit to watch even.

Maybe I’ll get into more detail about the so called “entertainment” industry in a later time but for now let’s stay on point. You see these people that are in dire need of help think that a simple leader can help fix all their problems. I know for a fact that no matter how much a leader tries to fix this place there will still be problems that he (or possibly yet highly unlikely she) will have to deal with. It is up to those people to stand for themselves and do something about their lives. Everyone is capable of changing their own lives if they want to. Now really the system and government and the corrupt responsible or even that “president” won’t matter if the people want something. Power to the people is such an overrated phrase. The people always had power, the power of the masses. What can a small group of people do in front of a large mass of unflinching public opinion. Rage an emotion wrongly expressed in this country. People channel their rage, repression and oppression unto one another forgetting the true cause of their fucked up lives that will not change unless they do something about.

Sure go ahead and vote, express your opinion by all means be a model citizen and be politically active, stand in protests yell out against the power to be, if you want to, I won’t but that’s just me. But the next “politician” the controls this country won’t clean the streets for you when your ignorant ass litters the floor with the shit you so happily consume. The next politician won’t clear the streets for you when you decide to drive in four lanes in a two lane street. They won’t do your job for you when you half ass-edly do it just to cash your pay check and life goes on. You see the problem and the solution lie within us, this whole election, democracy, system, politics, activism BULLSHIT is just the names we give to the game we blame on all our miseries, in the end the only way for us to truly have a better country is to start from within, change yourselves, fix yourselves, get over the beast of procrastination and the demons of apathy. Try to work around the system and not give in to it. When you do a job do it right, because in the end only you will look bad. You can be the happy consumerist public all you want but the least you can do is be so in a better environment. And next time you see some asshole throwing a bag of chips on the floor PUNCH THEM IN THE FUCKING FACE.

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