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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Artist statement

Ok so here's the statement about my work so that you know I'm not being completely unproductive.

Artist’s statement
Marwan Imam’s
El Shater Hassan (Hassan the Cunning)
My work is divided into form and content, just like any other piece of art. Yet the selection of form in terms of medium and treatment of subject matter here is in itself a conscious choice selected to emphasize a certain point.
My form is comics, known also as Graphic novels, Manga in Japan, Bande Dessinée in France and Fumetti in Italy. Different names are given to one form and none of them properly defining this medium of sequential art that is placed (usually) in narrative form, accompanied most of the time with textual elements. This form is a marriage between art and literature, transcending both yet viewed by society as less. I choose it because of its underdog state, but I also choose it because of its extremely powerful potential.
The content however is simple enough. A tale of morality, El Shater Hassan is a modern day adaptation of the original bedtime story made popular by moms, grandmas and maids since forever. It is not the superficial “just give him a blackberry and an iPod” adaptation but more of an homage to the tale through a new original tale that fits within our modern society. It tackles elements of moral choices and what pushes man to do one choice over the other within extreme situations. The characters in my story are my lab rats. I throw them within the story and see how they react. Through this I reflect on their choices and form a conclusion from there, and hopefully so will the reader.
I hope through my work I offer a point of view of this abandoned medium that is different than the norm and through my tale to send a message to people to make them think about who they truly are.

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