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Monday, June 18, 2012

Ice Tea...

Ice tea, I drink to remember her. Ice tea is her favourite drink. I never gave drinks that much weight. I never favoured one drink over another. To me they were mere refreshments, a welcome thirst quencher with the occasional flavor of choice. I like to keep a healthy variety of options, picking random drinks just to enjoy different flavours. I’ve always liked variety. Something about the monotony of picking one drink every single time just didn’t appeal to me. Usually I would pick drinks that have constant refills, if those don’t exist then I’d pick something exotic, or something I haven’t tried before. That’s the thing about me with drink; I didn’t place them on pedestals or name favourites. I just wanted a lot of them or several different ones. I never gave it that much thought.

She loves ice tea, she made that quite clear. It’s her favourite drink. She would have it with raspberry or peach if she can’t find raspberry.  She went out of her way to get ice tea; I went out of my way to get her ice tea. Now she isn’t here, and there’s no way for me to get to her. So I drink ice tea, because it reminds me of her.

 I never thought a flavoured liquid would be more than just that; would be a concept, a memory, a person. Every sip of that cold refreshing peach flavoured drink was like hearing her giggle or seeing her smile. That taste as it flows down my throat, rushes a flow of memories back to me.

 I specifically went and bought ice tea. It wasn’t the only drink in the store; trust me there were several others. It’s just that colourful design on these cans clearly saying ice tea just triggered her memory in my mind. I knew that getting ice tea would be something I would do with her, and so I did it. I didn’t expect drinking it would remind me more of her, but it was a welcome side effect. I’ve been drinking it whenever I got a chance, eager for every sip just to get another glimpse of her.

I never thought I would be drawn to one drink like that. I used to like having a lot of drinks, or at least maintain a variety, but for now I’m in love with ice tea.

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