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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Equality of the Sexists

This morning a tweet popped up in my head it went like this "Women won't truly be equal as long as unisex bathrooms are not a mainstream thing #feminism". I didn't give it much thought when it first popped into my head (as usual I think in retrospect), but then I dwelled on it. 

I dwelled on this oh so accepted segregation between men and women that occurs purely because of convenience. The most hardcore of feminists arguing for equality between men and women, would probably wouldn't want to go poopy next to a grunting male with explosive diarrhea (not that that's the only case of male defecation but it is a viable one). See it got me thinking, Whenever it's convenient for a woman, she would overlook something like that.

That's when I reached the conclusion that women do not deserve equal rights (DO NOT KILL ME JUST YET,  PLEASE KEEP READING). Women deserve, in fact, MORE RIGHTS if anything.

You see men and women are NOT equal, they never were, They're DIFFERENT. Difference here doesn't mean one is better than the other, it just means one is just not like the other. I can force a dog to climb a tree like a cat does, can I? or to bring it to one species, I can't force a lady peacock to be colourful, or have a rooster lay eggs.

I'm not going in the direction of women should have their own jobs and men should have their own, women should bear young or all that bullshit. Women and men should have equal opportunities when it comes to work, sport or any endeavor they wish to embark on.

But riddle me this why don't men and women compete in the same sporting events (save for a very few sports)? Because they're different, That doesn't mean worse or better JUST different.

That's what I'm fighting for here, women should be granted more rights than men just by being women and having different needs than men that need to be met by rights. Women should not seek equal rights they should seek APPROPRIATE rights. Ones that fit their needs as a woman and that properly ensure they are well accounted for.

Like for instance back at the workplace, a work owner might treat men and women equally when it comes to hiring, payroll and so on, but there are certain things that can't be the same for both. like harassment. Men can joke about physically and it would be fine (it happens in my workplace, we laugh our asses off), joke around with a woman physically, that's sexual harassment. Talk to her in a certain tone, look at her for too long  all these are grounds for harassment suits. If a guy does this to me I know there won't be such an issue, how is it equal rights then that the woman gets to sue for harassment? APPROPRIATE RIGHTS, women need more rights than men just to get by.

Maternity leaves anyone? Men wanting paternity leaves don't always get it, but it's a right for the woman to have it. if you want equal rights this might be taken away from you (though I just wish dads can take time off as well, they help raise the kids too, you know)

Anyway I'm rambling off but I think I've made my point. women need MORE RIGHTS than men and more importantly APPROPRIATE RIGHTS. Don't blindly fight for equality you don't need. Blind equality is going to pee in a bathroom that has urinals, and honestly I don't want to share a bathroom with women, I don't want to risk walking into a bathroom with blood on the floor (which happened to me before when I walked into an empty girls bathroom to get toilet paper cause the guys' one ran out, I'd rather not relive it).

In summation I'd like to quote a dear friend of mine and an amazing comedian: "Why do you want to be like us? men are shit!" - Mohamed Shaheen

I hope this actually sends a message across

Marwan Imam

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