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Sunday, June 6, 2010

The little things

You know we tend to lose track of life in the midst of what we do with work school relationships etc, and we forget how small things make us ecstatic

Just simple things in life, I just took my cousin with Uncle and his wife to this fair in germany and he is just having a blast at the carousel he doesn't want to leave, just the illusion of power he has over the miniature truck that is going round nd round over and over never getting bored being really happy, it's because like that he's satisfied.

Nowadays we are never satisfied we tend to overlook these little things. And they make the difference between euphoria and misery.
I'm walking through the fair just observing everything having fun by just being there, being somewhere new different and just enoying it, happiness was aways supposed to be simple so why complicate it.

Anyway, I'll go have more fun now

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