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Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Power of Song

       A verse, another verse a chorus a verse a solo bridge then chorus one of many formulas a song could have, from an accapella group harmonizing to a rockband playing in someone's garage. Song has been part of the human experience since the beginning of time. and as much as humans admire the power of story telling, and it has enriched culture be it through mythology or folklore. but the power of song has been there with humans, with song they tell these stories, the transfer the lores, they express the happiness and the sadness or even just the crazy indifference and just make you laugh.

      I love music, but I've always had it as a personal experience I draw energy from it that fuels my imagination.  I use music in my movies to drive the emotion of the scene in a certain direction or another. a powerful song can move mountains, patriotic propaganda know this and hence you have allot of wartime songs to motivate people, like el watan el akbar or el 7elm el 3araby here in the middle east. they stir up emotions fast. A good song get's stuck in your head for days, a catchy one too. lyrics become quotes, quotes become credos.

       We start appreciating music early on in life. I've been noticing my 3 year old cousin, observing what makes him tick, what makes that small human being grow to reach the state we are in. Yesterday morning, his grandmother started singing to him, and he kept asking for more, over and over. She kept singing to him and was very happy, he was happy too, smiling all the time. Then I saw it when his mother sang to him another song, it was in her eyes, pure love. Raw unfiltered emotion transferred through lyrics into the ears of a smiling child. if this was a video game, text would pop out from on top of them and say "mother-son bond +2" or something like that.
      This reminded me back when I was with Ragia, she had the vocal range of a chainsaw really, and yet I LOVED it when she sang to me. It was because she used to get very excited and try and learn all the lyrics and as soon as she saw me she would want to sing them. that emotion transferred in the song was all it took, this bond formed that would make me enjoy a song sang completely out of tune. And I would sing back, first time she asked me to sing her a song, I couldn't think of one, till the beatles came to the rescue, these songs really fit all situations, that and disney songs (I'm just glad I know them by heart). singing these songs then just acted like magic somehow, there will always be memories associated with some of these songs due to that emotional residue emitted through us singing them to each other. like us screaming at the top of our lungs the lyrics to tenacious D's fuck her gently.

      singing in itself is an emotional transfer system like no other, singing to someone is beyond human comprehension in terms of it's effect on the receiver as well as the performer. this would then explain why vocalists are very popular with the ladies, I mean all they do is emit that large wave of emotions to an unsuspecting audience no wonder the women then faint. which brings us back to the beatles fame. their songs were just to powerful emotionally and very catchy that everyone loved them, in any situation I can just pick one and sing it, travelling or even going to sleep "close your eyes and i'll kiss you, tomorrow I'll miss you....", just started dating or crushing on someone "oh yeah I'll tell you something, I hope you'll understand....", just broke up "I get by with a little help from my friends" and so on and so forth. they have this power of uplifting oneself, or just emphasizing with one's sorrow.

       the same unfortunately couldn't be said about comedians, at least not to my experience. a comedian gets up on stage, makes people laugh and gets off but is he chased by girls, not as much as singers no. it's simple, though laughter is the only unbridled emotion humans can experience, it is honest and uncompromising, and girls like a guy "who can make her laugh", this emotion fades quickly and is too raw, also it is not even in the same league of emotional transference as song, songs that have been affecting us since we were kids being sung to by our parents, songs we sing to each other, songs we love and sing to ourselves, songs we drive to, we live by, we work too etc. all this emotional attachment to songs and their singers just gives them that emotional power that shakes the heart.

at least that's how I see it

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