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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Alan Moore and Moore

so last morning (the day of the massive burger) my books came from amazon, YAY my friend shaltout woke me up early enough (10:30 am) to get them since they were delivered to his house. anyway I'm more than excited about them I already read one cover to cover that was Alan Moore's Writing for Comics and DAMN that was an awesome book, I mean I adore Alan Moore's work but getting to pick at his brain through reading his thoughts about the craft of writing is amazing.

the book is basically a collection of articles he wrote before about writing and then finally his afterword recaping on his thoughts that were concieved at a younger less experienced Moore. the book covered the craft of writing from idea formulation to story plot timing transitions etc. but it's not really a how to book, it's not really how to write the Alan Moore way (if there is such a thing) in fact it is more of an intellectual discussion of the actual act of writing with some insights and examples this approach allows for every writer to have a completely different experience from reading it that would have only one thing in common with other readers, that being eyeopening. it was a helpful read in envisioning my own story (the one I'm making the graphic novel about). He also puts into words allot of stuff in the thinking process that we might have known of but none has dared to put in writing (none that I know of), also a couple of great lessons I learned from the book is the importance of observation of fellow human beings and the importance of maintaining an ever changing element of chaos and spontaneity while working and ignore stuff like reputation and posterity because the more you work towards them the more your work turns stale.

A relatively small book, it was a reading experience that left my brain erupting with ideas.

and now for the web comic section of this book here's on e of the greatest webcomics out there and I say that with great authority, it is the best in term of writing and art not to mention technical experimentation within the medium with lettering, paneling and more here it is Tessa Stone's Hannah is Not A Boys Name

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