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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bits and Pieces

When one tries to write a story, I have no idea how they do it.

But when it comes to me it usually comes through a series of inspirations and influences, scenes and characters that pop into my head at certain instances of time. Be it a certain event that I've seen in a different light, or maybe a piece of music or a song that thrust a scene into my head in sync with the music. Or maybe a conversation with a friend anyway you get the drill.

The graphic novel I want to write is at this stage now, a bunch of characters that I'm still getting to know better and a bunch of scenes that are formulating in my head. I went down at four am a couple of days ago to get something to drink from the supermarket (which turned out to be closed but i still got a bottle of coke from a street kiosk) and going down the stairs of my apartment I noticed some black sticky stuff smeared down on the stairs and on the corridor and an image popped in my head," blood smeared on the stairs, this could be visually interesting "

A monologue that I think am going to use for the villain popped in my head while driving another day, and while watching a nature show last night I thought of a great build up for the climax, but that's all there is right now bits and pieces, like the a song my dear friend kazaz wrote "bits and pieces on the floor, I thought I had it all but I still want more" (little does he know is that I love this song :P).

So now I think I'll let my imagination run free for a little longer before trying to formulate this large see of scenes and characters into an actual plot. till then I'm doing extensive research of the artform of comics I've started with reading the books by the Master of the graphic novel Will Eisner, first his book "Comics and Sequential Art" and then moving on to his other book "Graphic Storytelling and The Visual Narrative". I've read the first one before but I am reading it again now and seriously two pages into it and I'm already enlightened enough to really have this graphic novel stand out.

I'll keep you posted when I'm done reading the book. also Tommorrow should be interesting since I'll be launching Cherry Apocalypse, my new webcomic...


  1. I think you usually get the best ideas when you cannot jot them down?
    The very few minutes before falling asleep do it for me..

    the trick: Keeping a notebook under my pillow.

  2. well a black berry next to bed does it for me I jot down ideas on it all the time which what caused me to mourn the blackberry I lost in ethiopia allot, good thing I had most of it backed up
    to me allot of ideas come when I poop though, which makes them harder to write on the spot.