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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Oh yeah making the burgers was a complete success and not just me to prove it my brother liked his too,

the first trial

and then I made fries

fries awesomeness

yesterday while doing it I burned my hand though some oil splashed out and got on my hand, it will recover soon and hopefully no scarring too

Trying to treat my hand (with toothpaste)

Leftover burns

However this was the ever useful learning experience that led me to create THIS MASTERPIECE this morning:

Marwan's awesomely great amazing burger (with cheese)

so this is it, how is this related to making comics, well one of the major parts of the process of making comics is eating as preperation at least for me grabbing a bite before working is the best excuse to delay work, not that ah what the hell. anyway enjoy the looks of it and maybe I'll make a comic witht he recipe sometime isA.

Anyway Time to pimp up another comic this one is a little for older crowds Menage a 3

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