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Friday, January 1, 2010

And it starts

I think every blog should start with an adequate introduction, I don't know how adequate I can be or what adequate really means at this point but an introduction is in order nonetheless.

My name is Marwan Imam I am a double major in mechanical engineering and art at the american university in cairo, and am approaching graduation after 5 and half years of education at the time of writing this, now as I approach my 12th semester there I have already completed my engineering graduation project and now am working on my Art graduation project. and I've decided for it to be a graphic novel. A decision that is not as easy as it sounds, you see I want that book to be later on published as one of the earliest graphic novels in the egyptian market in arabic as well. because to call the local market of graphic novels and comics in egypt dwindling is to assumes it has some sort of existence unfortunately said existence isn't really much of an existance there might have been one or two people that have a published book out there one of them was already banned. So now my goal is to get this book published by the end of next semester just in time for the gallery exhibition of senior art projects (Yes I intended to put a comic book in an art gallery THE HORROR).

So to accomplish such feat I've started studying comics a bit more extensively reading and rereading books and articles about the topic (my formal education being in fine arts and taking one course about comics my junior year the only one offered at my university) so with this new year dawning on us I have started an extensive study schedule of the medium and all aspects of it. I feel though that going deep into this will make me lose my grip on reality so I decided to share my trip with the world in this blog I will be posting up comments and discussions about my readings and studyings as well as personal reflections of my journey and of course when the time comes sketches and bits of the comic I'm working on.

Simultaneously I'm also working on two comic strip series that are being published at my school newspapers those are Driving Home and The Fifth Authority and though these will start back when the new semester starts I have my very first webcomic starting next sunday the 3rd of January and will be coming out every sunday from then on. so I'll be pretty industrious and you shall witness my descent (ascent?) to madness very soon.

Hopefully this blog will help Maintain my sanity long enough for the book to come out.

and before I leave here's a good read about, the history of manga what it is and what it was? this is the article that made me decide to do this blog.

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  1. I am looking forward to seeing this develop!