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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Gears in Motion

so unfortunately the workshop was postponed to next weekend due to unforeseen circumstances (them being Magdy getting sick, but thankfully he's better now so W00T) so more news on that when it happens.

now for What I've been doing, well i finally got done with Graphic Storytelling and the Visual Narrative very interesting and inspirational yet not as much as the first one though, but it covers pretty decent ground on how to handle a story when it comes to comics with their various shapes and forms be it graphic novel or newspaper strip or any other form. he also discusses story approach techniques, how to approach a story and handle it. the main Gem of the book is the plethora of personal examples he offers from his own work as well as others. This provides you with a good background on how different stories are handled, so if you're completely oblivious to what a comic is capable of (or just think comics are batman, superman, spiderman and hulk) you're in for quite the learning experience that will thrill you and open your mind to new possibilities and if you are a seasoned veteran of the comic art, you're still in for a wild ride of Eisnerian splendor.

I layed out some pages in Cherry Apocalypse which means now I have a vague idea of how the story will go at least for the next 3 updates, wrote some character bios which I'll work on more later tonight isA. Also page 2 of Cherry apocalypse will be up soon (as soon as I finish it that is, sunday just sneaks up on you doesn't it)

I'll be linking you guys to fellow webcomics out there that I think you should check out for their AWESOMENESS: comic for this time is The Meek

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