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Monday, January 25, 2010

work done

is force multiplied by distance....

oh yeah I went there, what's the point of studying mechanical engineering if you don't make dynamics jokes really, but today was finally productive I wrote a whole ten page stroy complete with layout and everything it is called blog interestingly enough :P I also did a full body drawing traditional nontheless which is a departure from my usual digital work nor reference there but I love the outcome it shows a bit of progress I have gone through anyway here's the drawing, I won't post the story yet till it's done something for you to anticipate :D

oh and remember page 2 of cherry Apocalypse that I posted a while back well at the workshop I showed it to Magdy el Shafee and he decided to rework the last panel and here it is in all its glory allbran and Lilac by Magdy el Shafee, I'm just honoured to have this as my first official fanart piece

anyway this is the warman out for now catch up with you later then

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