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Monday, January 4, 2010

Relative Productivity

So it starts, yesterday I worked on cherry apocalypse spent the better part of the day working on this Background for it that i hated and decided against in the end so now I'm working on another one which delayed production a bit cause I'll be out of the house most of today.

The Background in Question

But I got some shit done though, I finished readin Comics and Sequential Art by Will Eisner and that was a great eye opening experience on the medium, I mean the man covers everything he approaches the medium from outside starting with reading it and perceptions about it and goes into it's core bit by bit taking it apart and putting it back together again, his talk about panelling to me is by far the best because he really knew how to handle a panel or a non panel for that matter he even talks about the page as a super panel or meta panel and other different uses for that box like frame that is the core of comics, then moves on to timing, composition, human gesture which shows you really how much of an actor the comic artist should be because they have to make every character act properly with body and facial gesture to properly pull a story off (this part especially I liked because he had a ghetto denzin perform hamlet on a bronx rooftop in comic form, to properly illustrate his point. THAT WAS AWESOME). then he goes on a bit about the technology of printing this part though might be a bit outdated due to the book being written so long ago but it's still interesting to know. he even approaches the writing element of comics if you are an artist or a writer or both and how to manage working together. the book is lined with examples from eisner's personal work which in itself is a treasure trove of comic art and writing splendor. This is a book not to be trifled with and I'll be using more of it's wisdom in my works isA. and I'll be Discussing them when I do to explain them even more.

Another thing I did yesterday is watch allot of movies, that's what you do when you spend a day in your house with a vast library of movies so I saw (in chronological order throughout the day):
The Darwin Awards
An awesome comedy about a criminal profiler with a dehabilitating disease that makes him faint at the sight of blood, he is obsessed with the darwin awards a site that tells you the most stupid deaths in existence, so he decides to analyze these personalities and help an insurance company with their claims against these deaths. very funny to watch lots of hidden cameos and great performances by all and hey this one has Winona Rider and personally I haven't seen her in a film since Edward Scissor Hands and Alien Reseruction
Ice Age 3
Another Sequel, still funny, Ice Age still has that funny factor going for it and maybe because the three main characters are well established comedians I guess so at least they got timing right, interesting story this time going more into the family theme (which was what the first one was also about) so I guess they're taking it back to the basics (also evident in them going back to having dinosaurs :P) the addition of the great Simon Pegg though a Buck the weasel was kickass that dude alone made the movie twenty times funnier not to mention the viscious monster known as "Rudy", anyway you will have fun watching this. tip: don't watch it alone it's more fun in a larger crowd helps pull the laughter.
Funny People
Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen in a Judd Apatow Movie ? is this for real ? YES, well this movie promises to deliver a high power comedy AND IT DOES but not in a way you'd think though. It is a very heartfelt story with very well written characters, Humor is their the film is very funny and with a crapload of comedians on board like Jonah Hill, Jason Schwartzman and Aubery Plaza not to mention the original Hulk Eric Bana and the Beautiful Leslie Mann (Judd's wife who plays the role of a mother to her own two girls in this movie) this movie is a full package. it is quite the long movie and it delivers a very good story, interesting in that it is not your usual fluff comedy, it is not a Superbad nor a 40 Year-old Virgin, yet it is more it has great dramatic elements that make up a very good film without shedding the comedy facade so it really won't disapoint and if you are into comedy and comedians then you'll love the star spangeled Cameos in this one which I won't divulge because they should remain as surprises.
I've been waiting to see this movie for a while now, becuase it never came to theaters here in egypt. now the concept of a movie produced by two of my favorite directors Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov , was unbelievable and the fact that it was animated and that the Trailer played Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria just made me wanna see it even more. now this movie is based on a five minute short director Shane Ecker made in school (filmschool that is) and I guess someone in a studio decided to blow it up into a feature length movie, and it deosn't disappoint, it stays true to the original in some parts that were taken as is from the short but then adds a nice story over it all which makes it allot more interesting to watch, the film is eventful and exciting which make watching it a great experience you never get a dull moment watching really it was really fun to watch.

Those were the ones I watched yesterday, the day before some friends called me up to go see District 9 another movie based on a short now that was AMAZING, I know I just said every single one of these movies was good but seriously district 9 was a breath of fresh air a new take on science fiction an new technique in filmmaking (although a documentary in the begining of the film was originally made in Orson WellesCitizen Kane) and also a great story, I've never heard of the actors personally but they did a great performance, the CGI and live action blend together seamlessly, the world created is very plausible and finally the alien mothership didn't go to New York or California it went to Johannesburg and was shot in, lo and behold JOHANNESBURG. i really had allot of fun watching this one even though (For a movie buff like me) some parts were quite predicatable but all in all Defintely worth the watch plus it was Produced by Peter Jackson.

Anyway That's it for now Next up in reading is Graphic Storytelling and The Visual Narrative and hopefully soon you'll be seeing the fixed page one of Cherry Apocalypse and Page two Next Sunday isA

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