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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Putting my money where my Orifice is

Finally, the first episode of Cherry Apocalypse is out there fixed and everything and I'm glad that finally happened now on to the next one.

A couple of books arrived in the mail yesterday very excited will start reading them soon enough they are
Zombie Survival Guide
World War Z

I've heard awesome reviews on both

also great news I've enrolled in this workshop about comics being given here in Egypt by Hicham Rhamah and industry Proffessional who has worked in several publications in the region so that would both give me some good connections (it already has, I'll explain in a bit) as well as great insight from an industry professional not to mention hands on work because you can only do so much working on your own, being with a mentor pushes a perosn forward more (at least with me).

Now about the connections, remember I mentioned Magdy El Shafee a couple of times before, he is a great comic artist and one of the active ones in the field right now, though he had the unforetunate incident of having his graphic novel banned. now I met him at the seminar introducing the before mentioned workshop, I talked to him (having met him before once to interview him about the ban for the school newspaper) and i showed him some of my work, he loved it (idea wise, technically I still need allot of improvement) and asked me to join him in this collaborative project with other local comic artists both amatuer and professional to try and produce a body of work in a short intense workshop, now who am I to say no to that. anyway I'm just grateful this happened because not only will I get a chance to learn from proffessionals in the field I will also be a part of the local comics scene which reminds me allot of the underground comix scene Art Spiegelman used to do comics in, and he went on to win a Pulitzer prize for his comic MAUS

And in a final note I ordered 11 books from amazon today they'll be here in a week or so isA here's the list and I'll be mentioning every book when I start reading it:
1- Dynamic Light and Shade by Burne Hogarth
2- Dynamic Figure Drawing by Burne Hogarth
3- Dynamic Wrinkles and Drapery: Solutions for Drawing the Clothed Figure by Burne Hogarth
4- Vanishing Point: Perspective for Comics from the Ground Up by Jason Cheeseman-Meyer
5- The DC Comics Guide to Digitally Drawing Comics by Freddie E Williams II
6- Alan Moore's Writing For Comics Volume 1
7- Expressive Anatomy for Comics and Narrative by Will Eisner
8- Drawing Dynamic Hands by Burne Hogarth
9-  Dynamic Anatomy: Revised and Expanded Edition by Burne Hogarth
10- Drawing the Human Head by Burne Hogarth

Btw Observe and Report, and Miss March were both Crap, the Latter had some Laugh out Really Loud moments but not that much of a movie anyway. I say don't bother giving them a once over maybe if they ever air on tv which is highly unlikely since the first is rated R, and the second is pretty damn close to that too.

Pink Pather 2 However was very funny I enjoyed that one allot Just got done watching it a while ago, but then again Steve Martin kicks everyone's comedic butt and mix that with Jean Reno and Andy Garcia and you got yourself a great sequel

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