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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Not slacking off

I swear I'm not I'm actually working more and more on cherry apocalypse but I don't wanna do a half assed job just to get out on time I'm willing to risk some more time just to get things right, and to prove I'm not really pulling your leg and saying that cause I'm procrastinating here are the redesigns for the two main Characters Allbran and Lilac since I was working on wrap-arounds for quicker reference I just did a better job at redesigning them completely since the initial comic was a random spur of the moment thing



And yes those will be their names, and it will make more sense when you read more of the comic which hinges on me working on it more I guess.

Oh and I notcied I've been bulking up on burgers lately, eating them everywhere and most of the time it seems they are becoming more of a staple in my current un-diet :P, it seems I might have to quit soon, I want to but just...I dunno, guess I just will...

oh can't leave without Pimping another webcomic here's another great one Looking for Group

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